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Looking to generate additional revenue for your business? You've come to the right place! Become a Leadrogen partner and earn money by referring us to your customers, contacts or friends

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We use technology to simplify growth

Technology is our tool, simplicity is our approach, your growth is our goal.


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Leadership is supposed to be an exciting and enjoyable journey, not a stressful and exausting experience.

Leadrogen Partner

Why Choose Leadrogen as Your Partner?

As a Leadrogen partner, you benefit from a unique collaboration with a cutting-edge company in the field of marketing, sales, and customer service. We offer innovative technological solutions and a team of qualified experts to help you meet your clients' needs with efficient and cost-effective solutions.

Increased Revenue

As a Leadrogen partner, you will have access to our technological solutions and our qualified team in marketing, sales, and customer service. This will allow you to expand your service offerings and increase your revenue margin by addressing your clients' needs with innovative and efficient solutions.

Support and Training

As a partner, you will receive personalized support from our experts to help you sell and deliver Leadrogen services. We also provide training to help you master our platform and services, and assign a dedicated account manager to simplify communication and boost the growth of your business.

Opportunity for Growth

By becoming a Leadrogen partner, you have the opportunity to grow your business and generate recurring revenue by offering our services to your referrals. We use technology to expand your revenue margin as well as that of your clients, thanks to our technical tools and qualified human resources in marketing, sales, and customer services.

how we work

How does it work?

By becoming a Leadrogen partner, you can earn a 10% commission for every new customer you send us. Here's how it works:


Sign up: Register as a Leadrogen partner by filling out our registration form. We'll contact you shortly to simplify your customer's growth.


Signature of the contract

Once your registration is approved, we will send you our partnership agreement to sign. This agreement sets out the terms and conditions of our partnership.


Registration of potential customers

As soon as you are ready to refer customers to us, you can easily register them on our platform. You can also send us leads via our platform.



For every customer you refer to us who subscribes to any of our services, you will receive a commission of 10% based on the sale amount. We will pay you directly to your bank account or through a money transfer service of your choice.

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