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 Motorcycle dealership


Together we reinvent the customer experience

We have increased the number of leads generated and the conversion rate at the same time .

01 audit

The main take on the audit in one sentence.

Pain points

Oakland Had a weak lead conversion strategy

  • Low lead generation
  • Low search engine optimization
  • Weak conversion lead strategy

Gain points

Oakland Continuously Improves Customer Experience

  • Generate more traffic
  • Improve the digital strategy
  • Increase the conversion rate
02 plan

Main plan strategy in one sentence.

Plan goals

We have agreed to achieve the following goals.

  • Integration of the HubSpot Marketing solution
  • Redefining the digital strategy
  • Optimize search results

Plan details

This is what we have achieved

  • Redesign website
  • Generate bookings via SEO
  • Succeeding in advertising campaigns
  • Achieve a conversion rate of more than 25%
03 execute

Work summary in one sentence.

oakland foundation image


we did some foundation stuff

  • Digital strategy
  • HubSpot Marketing Integration
  • Advertising campaigns
  • Customized marketing dashboard
oakland marketing image


we did some marketing stuff

  • Generation des prospect
  • Lead conversion strategy
  • Customized marketing dashboard
oakland sales image


we did some sales stuff

  • Lead Generation
  • Lead conversion strategy
  • Email automation
oakland services image


we did some services stuff

  • help desk automation
  • Creation of knowledge base
  • Custom surveys
04 follow

This is what we achieved



of existing leads



closed in 15 minutes



gained in the first year



happy with the service

client feedback

They are happy with our service

oakland client feedback image

Happy to realize such as the result

Jess Bettencourt

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