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thermo2 case study hero image
 energy renovation


We made energy simple

Thermo2 is a renewable energy company based in Canada. Its CEO reached out to Leadrogen in order to improve its visibility and enhance its presence.

01 audit

Thermo2 had a serious brand awareness issue

Pain points

Thermo2 has a weak brand awareness

  • brand identity confusion
  • no online presence
  • complex sales proposal
  • traditionnal marketing techniques

Gain points

Thermo2 can enhance its message

  • brand identity
  • brand presentation website
  • CRM integration
  • marketing automation
02 plan

We agreed to achieve the following goals

Plan goals

these are the goals

  • Brand awareness
  • Reinforce the brand image
  • Generate appointments
  • Increase the conversion rate

Plan details

these are the details

  • Redesign Website
  • Lead Generation strategy
  • Lead Conversion
  • CRM Integration
03 execute

This is what we did

thermo2 foundation image


Strategy is the key to successful growth.

  • Redesign Website
  • Digital Strategy
  • CRM setup specifications
thermo2 marketing image


We made the brand shine.

  • Creation of concept designs
  • Advertising campaigns
  • Marketing dashboard
thermo2 sales image


Let's think revenue now.

  • Online Appointment Booking
  • Hubspot Sales Integration
  • Email automation
thermo2 services image


Customer service comes first.

  • Chat Bot for service
  • Ticket follow-up
  • Satisfaction follow-up
04 follow

This is what we achieved



of existing leads



closed in 15 minutes



gained in the first year



happy with the service

client feedback

They are happy with our service

thermo2 client feedback image

I'm very happy to work with Leadrogen

Jack Renard

Thermo2 CEO
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